Hypromellose also known as an artificial tear is used in most of the high street retailers eye drops, mainly because it offers immediate relief of dry eye conditions.

Hypromellose Eye Drops

Hypromellose can be bought with or without prescription. However, before using it make sure you have been seen by a specialist. If you had reaction to it in the past, it is best to avoid it. Everyone’s level of eye dryness is different, some people find that just using once a day will make a huge difference, some might need to use it every hour.

Regardless of how many times per day you need to apply you always need to make sure your hands are clean, you sit down with your head back tilted while you pull down your lower lid.

It is also important not to allow your bottle to touch the surface of your eye or your fingers, as it might contaminate the solution. After applying is recommended to keep your eye closed for a maximum 1 minute and try to gently press your fingertip onto the inner corner of your eye.

Just like any other medicine there are possible sides effects, however not everyone gets them and they do pass away

Like all medicines there is a risk. Most common hypromellose eye drops side effects are:

  •  vision blurred
  •  eye pain
  •  foreign body sensation in eyes
  •  eye irritation
  •  redness of eye

Not everyone has side effects and they usually wear off after a very short period of use. If these effects do continue you should stop the treatment and speak to a medic and pharmacist.

If you are pregnant or you suspect being pregnant is best to use brands that are is safe to use during pregnancy

Most of the manufactures will advise to keep the medicine out of the reach and sight of children, to store it in a cool, dry place where direct sunlight can not reach. It is also highly recommended to use the solution within 4 weeks since you have opened the bottle.

However, to get the best of your treatment is very important you carefully read and follow all the manufacturer instruction.