We’re well acquainted with the importance of our well-being. Eating healthy, exercising and having regular check-ups with our doctor are part of our annual routine.

Taking care of your health is a big step in the right direction. Health is the most important priority for our well-being. The health of our eyes is not less important. In fact, taking care of our eyes is a major factor to overall happiness and well-being.

Through our eyes and our sense of sight we perceive 80% of the outside information, their importance cannot and should not be ignored. Eyes are literally the window of our body. They are the only organs where your blood vessels can be viewed in their natural state without a surgical procedure. With this visual inspection of the blood supply, optometrists can spot many health conditions and vision problems just by taking a glance into your eyes.

Neglecting our eyes is very easy thing to do. That’s because if there is problem, usually, our eyes do not hurt. Regular eye tests are not only designed to be told we might need to wear glasses or to change a prescription. An eye test can reveal a lot more about our general health. Truly amazing, right?

What is more amazing is that our brain well function depends on our eyes health. An healthy brain needs healthy eyes and that is because our optic nerve connects the eyes and the brain, hence a healthy relation is mandatory. By keeping your eyes healthy you improve your quality of life.

Healthy eyes are a critical component in learning and experiencing growth and development. Good vision contributes to improved athletic ability, better driving skills, improved learning and comprehension and better quality of life.