Artificial  tears will relieve the discomfort associated with dry eyes. You can use artificial tears whenever you’re experiencing dry eye symptoms such as  itchiness or irritation

dry eyes irritation

This treatment is often recommended as the  primary course of action because it’s quick and effective. Assuming you have a prescription, it’s best that you should use artificial tears just like the doctor told you.


Artificial tears are normally applied once every few hours. If you are exposed to  environmental conditions that worsen your symptoms you may feel that you  have to use artificial tears more often. However, it’s preferred to remove yourself from that environment rather than overdosing. In  general, it’s safe to use artificial tears 10 to 12 times a day. If you are unsure of how much is too much, just ask the doctor who prescribed them in the first place. This also stands for other dry eye products  such as eye drops.

If  you are using over the counter eye drops or artificial tears, make sure  to read the instructions first and follow them. If you experience any side effects or your symptoms get worse, then stop using the product and  seek medical care. Non-prescription artificial tears may or may not  work. There are many such products on the market and it has yet to be  determined which ones are better. Dry eye treatment is based on the  severity of the condition.

If over the counter artificial tears don’t work, you might need additional treatment methods. The  doctor will give you a course of treatment and you should complete it.  Don’t interrupt it or drop it even if your symptoms get better or disappear completely.

Completing the treatment is your best chance of  getting better in the long run.