Are your eyes burning, sensitive to light or watering excessively? Is this condition getting worse when spending time in front of computer, or in the winter time? – These warning signs should be lookout for. It is very important to treat dry eyes, otherwise your eye tissue can be damaged and can cause impairing vision. Therefore, symptoms like the following need to be treated as soon as possible:



Burning sensation

Feeling of a foreign object in the eye

Blurred vision

Excessive watering

Lack of clear vision

“Many people have irritated eyes at this time of year and they overcompensate by blinking or rubbing their eyes a lot. They think this is just an annoyance, when in fact it can be a serious condition that should be treated.” – said Rachael Garrett, Portland optometric physician.

Sadly, dry eye cannot be cured. However, by using an air humidifier the air quality will improve and might help keep your eyes comfortable. It is very important your usual eye care routine to include eye drops and nighttime gels.

You should not only use eye drops when your vision is blurry, or eyes are itchy. These sensations are usually manifested when the dryness level is quite high. At that point, you might find it difficult to get them feel better. To prevent dryness, artificial tears drops need to be used at least twice a day, even more if need it. Just like the eye drops, nighttime gels should be used to prevent and not only to cure – use it every night. Prevention is always better than cure.

Besides lubricating your eyes, some artificial tears contain electrolytes.  I-dew Ultra has an innovative formula which contain eye electrolytes to provide nutrition and nourishment to the eye surface.