digital eye strain in school children

With online classes in full swing all across the world, our children have never before been at a greater risk of digital eye strain. Screen time for children has significantly increased due to online schooling and no one really knows the real impact on their eyes. Digital classrooms are a brilliant option to keep the education going but at the same time they could be a hotpot for digital eye strain.

Never before in the history of humankind have we been exposed more to a digital screen. We are in unchartered territory in many ways and need to take the best precautions that science tells us.

After consulting many eye doctors and school teachers across the world about this issue we have produced a brief awareness video on simple tips to reduce digital eye strain in school children, which is part of our global DES agenda.

In this digital age where our eyes are stressed more than ever it is very important for your children’s eyes to get tested by an eye doctor regularly (even if they have no eye symptoms).

We all talk about about mental stress, we don’t talk about EYE STRESS. So let’s give our eyes some daily breathing space and regular rests, so we protect them and don’t take them for granted.

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