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I-Dew eye drops are specially designed for Dry Eyes in the laboratories of Entod International by Britain's expert team of dry eye researchers. The quality systems followed by our research and production teams is one of the most stringent globally.  I-Dew is manufactured in state-of-the-art GMP & ISO accredited factories using the latest eye drop manufacturing & formulation technologies available today.

Innovative Oxydew Eye Drops


I-DEW is formulated  using one of the safest eye drop vehicle systems specially designed for Dry Eyes. The Innovative Oxydew buffer system in I-DEW provides additional product stability, comfort & long-lasting relief. The buffer is also Self-Preserving, which means that the eye drops are free harmful preservatives that keeps the eye surface safe and healthy.

how is i-dew manufactured?

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 ENTOD International Group

Strong Pharmaceutical Background

We are an Ophthalmic specialty pharmaceutical entity specializing in the design, development and manufacturing of Premium Quality and Innovative Specialized Dry Eyes therapies and Ophthalmic Wellness products.We are part of the ENTOD International Group which is one of the fastest growing ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies in the world having ophthalmic technological expertise for over 40 years with over 140 finished ophthalmic products (eye drops) currently selling in the global market.

With such a strong pharmaceutical research & manufacturing background the quality of our products is always maintained to the highest possible international standards.

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I-Dew®  - Regulated as Class 2 a CE certified Medical Devices. NO MEDICAL CLAIMS MADE.