I-DEW DS Night-Time Aquagel

*For Moderate to Severe Dryness

The Advanced Double-Strength ocular lubricant that also provide Nutrition and Nourishment to the Ocular Surface.

  • Used to Soothe, Hydrate & Nourish Dry & Tired Eyes caused due to contact lens wear, prolonged exposure to smartphone/tablet/LED screens, air-conditioners & heaters, pollution, dust and smoke. 

  • Formulated with the more viscous 1% Sodium Carmellose that has a Longer-Lasting Lubrication with a Superior End-of-Day Comfort.

  • Incorporate an Innovative Gel-Forming Eye Drop Technology that provides a stronger ocular lubricating effect.

  • Double-Strength and Longer-Lasting Innovative Comfort Eye Drop Formula specially designed for Night-Time Use. 

  • Innovative Gel-Forming Eye Drop for Fresher & Rejuvenated Eyes when you wake up. It contains Essential Eye Electrolytes that provides Nutrition & Nourishment to the eye surface. 

  • Composition: Carmellose Sodium 1% with Essential Eye Electrolytes 

  • Presentation: Filled in a sterile 10ml multi-dose bottle FREE from harmful preservatives and enclosed within a thermo-protective pack.  

  • Double Strength Longer-Lasing Ocular Lubrication for Dry Eyes



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I-Dew® - Regulated as Class 2 a CE certified Medical Devices. NO MEDICAL CLAIMS MADE.