LOC Tears Eye Drops- I-DEW
LOC Tears Eye Drops Screen users-I-DEW
LOC Tears Professional Eye Drops for Gamers-I-DEW
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LOC Tears Professional Eye Drops (Screen Users & Gamers)

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The Professional Double-Action Ocular Lubricant

To Moisturise, Comfort and Revive Dry Eyes - for the professionals.

  • Whether you're an expert programmer, security personnel or just love gaming, LOC Tears is formulated specifically for working professionals, gamers and those exposed to screens for extended periods
  • Contains a unique blend of ocular lubricants
  • Provides longer-lasting lubrication and comfort to severely dry eyes
  • Contains compatible solutes of L-Cartinine and Erythritol, that help to restore the natural osmotic balance of the eye surface to revive tired eyes
  • Composition: Carmellose Sodium 0.5%, Compatible Solutes, Glycerol

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