I-DEW Ultra Allergy Eye Drops

*For Severe Dryness

The Intensive Double-Action Ocular Lubricate to Protect and Rejuvenate the Eye Surface

  • Blend of Ocular Lubricates containing Naturally-Occurring tear components such as sodium Hyaluronate and Xanthan Gum whose ideal Viscoelastic and lubricating properties provide a natural protective coating to the eye surface.

  • Includes Compatible L-Carnitine & Erythriol that helps restore the Natural Osmotic Balance of the eye surface to Rejuvenate tired eyes.

  • Drug-FREE way to Relieve Eye Irritation & Dryness due to Pollen Exposure and contains Naturally Occurring Tear Components that Rehydrate and Protect the Eye Surface. This makes is an Ideal option for Hayfever Sufferers. 

  • Composition: Sodium Hyaluronate 0.18%, Compatible Solutes, Glycerol, Xanthan gum & Essential Eye Electrolytes. 

  • Presentation: Filled in a sterile 10ml multi-dose bottle FREE from harmful preservatives and enclosed within a thermo-protective pack. 

  • Intensive Double Action Dry Eye Relief for the more Severe Cases



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I-Dew® - Regulated as Class 2 a CE certified Medical Devices. NO MEDICAL CLAIMS MADE.