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Managing your Digital Eye Health – Expert tips for Working Professionals

In today's digital age, we are spending more time than ever in front of screens, leading to significantly increased strain on our eyes. To combat this, incorporating effective eye care practices into daily routines is essential. Here are some valuable tips to help us maintain optimal digital eye health and productivity:

The 20-20-20 Rule: Remember to take a 20-second break, every 20 minutes, and focus your sight on something at least 20 feet away. This helps relieve tired and strained eyes.

Workspace Lighting: Improper lighting is a major reason for eye fatigue. Reduce glare and eye strain by optimising your workspace lighting. Position your digital screen to minimise reflections, and use ambient lighting that complements your screen brightness.

Blue Light Protection: Shield your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by digital screens. Consider using blue light filters or glasses with blue light protection to reduce eye fatigue and promote better sleep quality.

Stay Hydrated: The leading cause for dry eyes is dehydration. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain optimal eye moisture.

Customise Screen Settings: Low screen resolution font sizes often amount to digital eye strain. Adjust the screen resolution, brightness, contrast, and font size to ensure a comfortable viewing experience.

Regular Eye Check-ups: Prioritise your eye health by scheduling routine eye tests with a reputable optician. Early detection and treatment of eye issues are crucial for maintaining good vision.

Use Artificial Tears: Combat dry eyes with lubricating eye drops or artificial tears such as LOC Tears Professional eye drops, which are specially formulated for excessive screen users such as gamers, coders, designers, etc.

Eye care routine: Maintain a proper eye care routine for daily cleansing and lubrication of the eye surface. I-DEW offers a range of bundle packs tailored to specific eye care needs, including

1. The Hay fever Eye Care Bundle: For daily protection and cleaning of dry, tired, and irritated eyes due to external irritants such as pollen or dust.

2. The Dry Eye Care Bundle: For 24-Hour Hydration, Nourishment, and Cleansing of the Eyes.

3. The Preservative Free Eye Care Bundle: The Preservative-Free Eye Care Essential Pack for 24-Hour Hydration, Nourishment, and Cleansing of the Eyes.
These customised eye care bundles provide comprehensive solutions for maintaining optimal eye hydration, cleanliness and comfort of your eyes.

By incorporating these eye care tips into your daily routine, and utilising I-DEW Eye drops bundle packs, you can protect your vision and enhance productivity in the workplace. Remember, prioritising your eye health is essential for your eye's long-term well-being.