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About Us


I-DEW Eye Drops are specially designed for Dry Eyes in the laboratories of the World's Largest Eye Drop Maker - ENTOD Pharmaceuticals by Britain’s expert team of dry eye researchers. The quality systems followed by our research and production teams is one of the most stringent globally.  I-DEW is manufactured in state-of-the-art GMP & ISO accredited factories using the latest eye drop manufacturing & formulation technologies available today.



I-DEW is formulated using one of the safest eye drop vehicle systems specially designed for Dry Eyes. The Innovative Oxydew buffer system in I-DEW provides additional product stability, comfort & long-lasting relief. The buffer is also Self-Preserving, which means that the eye drops are free of harmful preservatives that keep the eye surface safe and healthy.


Each batch of I-DEW is rigorously tested at GLP-accredited laboratories to ensure that the highest quality standards are met without any compromise whatsoever. Our quality management system is certified as per the stringent global standard ISO 13485:2016 in line with European & Global regulatory requirements. We are GMP certified for manufacturing and supply of sterile ophthalmic products worldwide, and manufacture our eye drops within our globally accredited international factory network. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest analytical and microbiological facilities including HPLC analysis, pH and Osmolarity, Viscometers and Sterility Testing that allows the most stringent in-house Quality Assurance system checks to be performed.