I-DEW Quickfire

Who are we?

We are Entod Research Cell UK (ERC UK) and the heart of our organisation is ophthalmology. We design, develop, and manufacturer high-quality eye therapies. 

What is I-DEW?

 I-DEW is the UK's best selling artificial tears, being one of the most innovative eye drops worldwide. We pride ourselves in the latest research and technologies for better products.

How can I-DEW help me?

I-DEW Eye Drops is a DRUG-FREE alternative with zero preservatives. Friendly for contact lens users. Best suited for tired eyes, chronic dry eye, and digital eyestrain.

Where is I-DEW made?

I-DEW products are made in the UK, developed by Britain's expert team of dry eye researchers using the latest technologies and manufactured in state-of-the-art labs.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) & ISO accredited factories. 

Where can I buy I-DEW?


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What are I-DEW eye drops used for?

Smartphone & Screen Exposure

Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain, tiredness & blurred vision due to prolonged exposure to smartphone, tablet, LED & computer screens.

Contact Lens

Contact Lens Eye Dryness

Itchy & red eyes due to contact lens wear or misfit. 

Smoke, Dust & Pollen Allergy

Eye Irritation from Pollen

Dry or watery eyes due to exposure to pollen, smoke, dust, pet dander, feathers, air-conditioned & heated rooms.


Drivers Eye Strain

Eye fatigue & strain in drivers due to a continuous focus on the road and glare from bright streetlights and headlights particularly at night.


Menopausal Eye Dry

Eye dryness or light sensitivity discomfort due to hormonal changes in menopausal women.

Gamers' Eye

Gamer Eye Strain

Eye strain & redness due to reduced blinking and increased screen focus in regular gamers.

I-Dew eye drops are specially designed by our expert team of dry eye researchers and scientists in collaboration with leading ophthalmologists and optometrists worldwide. They are intended for your ocular wellness and useful for the relief of dry, strained and irritated eyes caused due to contact lens wear, prolonged exposure to smartphone/tablet/LED screens, pollen, air-conditioners & heaters, pollution, dust and smoke. 

I-Dew has been formulated so that it is suitable for the eyes of the UK and European populations. Iris pigmentation factors, eye surface sensitivity, ocular surface optimization and genetic compatibility have been taken into account while developing I-Dew. This makes I-Dew one of the most technologically advanced artificial tears available in the market today.

The ingredients used in I-Dew are all rigorously tested for safety and biocompatibility, so they don’t cause any allergic reactions in the eye. All chemical parameters such as the pH, isotonicity, osmolarity and viscosity have been carefully optimised. I-Dew has a unique buffer system free from any harmful preservatives that keeps the drops sterile throughout the shelf-life of the product. This makes I-Dew one of the safest options that helps to keep the surface of the eye healthy and hydrated.

I-Dew is manufactured at internationally accredited sterile manufacturing factories using advanced sterile filling technology. No Human-Touch is involved while producing I-Dew. A 100% automated & validated production system ensures that the drops are manufactured to the highest possible standards which are consistent and reproduceable. Every batch of I-Dew is rigorously tested at GLP-accredited laboratories to ensure that the highest quality standards are met without any compromise whatsoever.

Our quality systems are certified by the Swiss based European notified body QS Zurich AG (Notified Body number 1254). Our exclusive GLP certified laboratories are equipped with the latest analytical and microbiological facilities including HPLC analysis, pH and Osmolarity, Viscometers and Sterility Testing that allows the most stringent in-house Quality Assurance system checks to be performed on every batch of I-Dew. Every batch of I-Dew is rigorously tested to ensure that the highest quality standards are met without any compromise whatsoever.




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I-DEW®  - Regulated as Class 2 a CE certified Medical Devices. NO MEDICAL CLAIMS MADE.